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Sugar Fix was inspired by our Grandma Valeria King, and her amazing baking skills. Some say she was born with the talent to bake and others say she learned after raising 10 children. Karissa, the founder of Sugar Fix, took her grandma’s sugar cookie recipe and started selling cookies in her gas stations in Salt Lake City, Utah. It was an instant hit in her stores and so she started selling to other gas stations all around the state of Utah, Idaho, and Nevada.

Karissa passed Sugar Fix on to her cousin, Ryan, and his husband, Chancy. They started posting videos on social media and found a following all around the world. They got requests for cookies from every corner of the nation and started shipping cookies in the mail. They do all the baking, delivering, and have so much fun running the business.

We strive to provide outstanding customer service and believe that customer satisfaction is THE most important. We love sugar and sharing it with you in the mail, your gas station, coffee shop or convenience store.

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